What are the benefits of Home Insulation?


Q. How does Spray Foam Insulation keep homes & offices warm in winters and cool in summers?

A. Heat flows from hot to cold areas. When hot and cold air come in contact, they exchange heat energy until they reach thermal equilibrium. A properly installed Spray Foam Insulation resists this thermal exchange and prevents heat loss to the outside environment. This also prevents the entry of hot air inside the house in summers.
Thus, Spray Foam Insulation provides thermal comfort all year round and increases the quality of life at home, offices, and commercial set-ups. These are the main benefits of home insulation.

Q. How does insulating decrease energy expenditure?

A. A properly designed and installed insulation system reduces energy consumption which results in decreased energy expenditure.
Spray Foam Insulation prevents heat loss through attics, sidewalls, and ceilings.
ProCat® Professional Loose-fill Insulation System is designed for contractors for use in the open attic and closed cavity applications. It can be used in both existing and new construction. Ensure that your home is energy efficient by adding attic insulation and sealing air leaks.
Insulation done by Attic Solutions Iowa can help you save up to 25% on your energy bills.
It also increases the life- span of the house and increases its resale value.

Q. How is Home Insulation good for health?

A. Owen’s Corning Fibreglass reduces attic moisture which helps prevent potential insect infestations, mold or fungi growth, and corrosion. It has a low-dust formula and reduces noise levels.
Green Fiber Cellulose Insulation absorbs noise at the source that is emitting from machines, equipment, pipelines, radios, and phones. It also reduces sound transference to outside by 60% and also prevents unnecessary noise to enter the premises of your home, office, and commercial spaces.
Plays an important role in improving the work environment by boosting worker morale and communication.
The Harvard School of Public Health estimated that if every family in the United States properly insulated their homes, there would be:
110,000 fewer sick days every year
240 fewer premature deaths every year
6,500 fewer asthma attacks every year

Q. How does Insulation increase the life- span of the home?

A. Well-designed and properly installed insulation by Attic Solutions Iowa last a lifetime and protect against ice dams, sagging roof decks, and premature roof failures. It controls condensation and limits corrosion on cold piping, ducts, chillers, and roof drains.
Green Fibre Cellulose Insulation is made from recycled materials and can be applied over existing insulation.

Q. How does Insulation provide fire safety?

A. Attic Solutions Iowa uses Insulation material that is fire-resistant and non-combustible. It limits the spread of fire and provides advanced fire resistance, meeting a Class A fire-Rating thus giving you more time to escape.
Owen’s Corning Fibreglass has R-Value ranging from 11-49.
Cellulose is denser than blown-in fiberglass, so it has an even better R-value — about 3.2 to 3.8 per inch.

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