IOWANS to pay more in utility costs from October 2021.


Iowans may be exceeding their budgets for IOWA city utilities because of the increase in energy prices. The spike in energy costs is due to a shortage of coal due to Covid- 19 and the polar vortex earlier this month.

The Arctic polar vortex is a band of strong westerly winds that form in the stratosphere between about 10 and 30 miles above the North Pole every winter. The winds enclose a large pool of extremely cold air.

A new stratospheric Polar Vortex has now emerged over the North Pole and will continue to strengthen well into the Winter of 2021/2022.


The Iowa City Utilities Board said, “While customers will likely see an increase on their bills, we don’t yet know how much or the timing of when they will see the increases. The IUB is in contact with the rate-regulated utilities (Iowa’s largest utilities: MidAmerican Energy, Alliant Energy, and Black Hills Energy) to discuss the costs associated with the polar vortex and what actions can be taken to spread those costs to reduce the impact on customers.”


As temperatures begin to drop, MidAmerican Energy, Iowa’s largest power provider, is warning thousands of residential natural gas customers their winter heating bills could jump 46% to 96% over last year’s due to rising costs.


Natural gas prices have more than doubled since this time last year because of reduced production and inventories and increased global demand after resuming work and rise in economy post COVID.


The news affects MidAmerican Energy’s 602,000 natural gas customers in Iowa. Geoff Greenwood, MidAmerican’s spokesman, said it doesn’t expect an increase in heating bills this winter for its 704,000 electric customers.

The winter heating season typically runs from November through March.


“People should brace themselves,” said Stewart Glickman, energy equity analyst at CFRA Research, based in New York.

Glickman said all types of heating fuels, including propane, will likely climb, although not at the pace of natural gas.

“On a percentage basis increase, natural gas is probably the worst case,” he said. Customers’ heating bills will vary, depending on how cold it gets, how much energy they use, and market price fluctuations.


MidAmerican, Alliant, and other utilities worked with state regulators to spread those costs over a longer period than usual to reduce the financial impact on customers. In Iowa, MidAmerican is spreading the costs through April 2022.


Alliant and MidAmerican, urged consumers to consider measures to decrease gas consumption and increase their homes’ energy efficiency, including setting their thermostats lower, having their furnace serviced, and stopping air leaks around doors and windows.


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