How to Insulate walls without removing the drywall?



The word “drywall” refers to the construction materials used to make walls and ceilings without the use of water. It is easy to use and saves a lot of time. It’s also used to create many architectural design features like eaves, arches, and pillars. Other benefits of drywalls are that they are long-lasting and easy to maintain.


Drywall is used to wrap columns to conceal steel beams and is to top off ceilings. Drywall is also used to add fire resistance to your house and offices. It plays a crucial role in containing the spread of fire and enables safe evacuation in times of emergency.

With the economy taking a bad hit due to COVID- 19, higher energy costs and expensive home maintenance are giving US homeowners sleepless nights.

As temperatures begin to drop, MidAmerican Energy, Iowa’s largest power provider, is warning thousands of residential natural gas customers their winter heating bills could jump 46% to 96% over last year’s due to rising costs.

Hence awareness of the need for cost-effective proper insulation is pertinent.

Did you know that you can save 10- 25 percent of your energy bill just by sealing air leaks and adding insulation?

Contact us and get a free estimate according to the build, location, and area of your house or office.

Attic Solutions can boast of saving you a bundle by insulating your walls, attics, and crawl spaces without removing the drywall.


Our professional and well-trained staff add insulation without affecting drywall in the attic, under the roof. This is where the added insulation is most beneficial. One way is to add loose-fill insulation such as cellulose, rock wool, or fiberglass beads.

Another way for the attics is batt or roll insulation, made of fiberglass, cotton, or wool.

Thirdly, we can add insulation to existing walls without removing drywall, by cutting holes in the exterior siding. Loose-fill cellulose or spray foam is blown into walls from the outside. Holes of 1 1/2 to 2 inches in diameter are drilled between each pair of studs. the holes are filled with wood filler, sand smoothed, and painted to restore the look of the siding.

SPRAY FOAM is the latest and most effective type of insulation that you can add without removing drywall. Poly material is sprayed as a liquid that expands on contact with the air. It has a soft, fluffy appearance and has a high R-value to provide fire safety. It blooms to fill all nooks and crevices, so there are no stray openings from where heated air can escape or outside cold air can penetrate.

ProCat Professional Loosefill Insulation is guaranteed to maintain its insulating power for the lifetime of the home.

We offer another option, an alternative to spraying foam insulation, which is wet insulation in walls and wet insulation in the attic. This type of insulation is made up of recycled newspaper that has a dry adhesive that is activated with water spray when it is being covered.

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