Green Fiber Cellulose Insulation



Making sure your attic has adequate green cellulose insulation is one of the best ways to control your energy costs while improving the comfort of your home year-round. Homeowners can typically save 25% on heating and cooling costs by adding insulation and air sealing their homes. In addition, green fiber cellulose insulation can reduce the transfer of sound when properly installed in walls and floors. And with cellulose wall spray, would make sure that cavities are tightly shielded by filling the entire area.


We offer another option, an alternative to spray foam insulation, which is wet insulation in walls and wet insulation in attic . This type of insulation is made up of recycled newspaper that has a dry adhesive that is activated with water spray when it is being covered.


We have wet cellulose insulation that fills cavities without voids, covering the pipes and the wires without leaving any gaps.

green fiber cellulose on existing insulation

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Did you know?

More than 90% of U.S. homes are under-insulated!

You may be paying higher energy bills than you should be. Ensure that your home is energy efficient by adding attic insulation and sealing air leaks

WHY Greenfiber®

Blowing Greenfiber® on top of the old insulation in your attic gives you more comfort and saves you money year-round. Plus, you’ll get added fire resistance and noise protection for your home. Bet you didn’t know cellulose insulation installation could do that and more

  • Green fiber cellulose insulation Reduces sound power by 60% when dense-packed into walls 2.
  • Provides green fiber blown in insulation in walls along with cellulose attic insulation.
  • Provides spray foam insulation.
  • Also provides an alternative to spray insulation, wet cellulose insulation too.
  • Can be applied over any existing insulation
  • A simple-to-use blow-in machine such as spray applied cellulose insulation, means all you haul to the attic is a hose, not bulky rolls of insulation
  • Eliminates the hassle of cutting and fitting large batts of insulation
  • Provides advanced fire resistance, meeting a Class A fire-Rating and giving you more time to escape
  • Provides blown in wall insulation
  • Made with 85% recycled material
green fiber cellulose insulation by Attic solutions
Green Fiber Insulation for your home


  • 25% Reduction in Heating & Cooling Costs1
  • 60% Reduction in Sound Power2
  • Enhanced Fire Protection
  • 85% Recycled
  • Easy to Install
  • Can be Applied Over Any Existing Insulation