With the dreadful weather forecast warning the Iowa residents about an acute and harsh winter spell with the mercury expected to dip as low as – 10 degrees Celsius, it is advisable to protect your home and offices from winter-induced damage.

Don’t wait for the next downpour, tornadoes, or blizzard to cause heavy damage to your property and pose health risks to you and your family.

Being aware of the possible damages falling temperatures can cause is the first step towards better homes and a comfortable lifestyle.

We are listing the most common winter-related house damages with ways to prevent them-


As the name suggests, ice dams are ridges of ice that form at the edge of the roof that prevents the melted snow to drain from the roof. The water that gets accumulated behind the dam can cause leakage into the home and cause serious and irreversible damage to ceilings, attic, sidewalls, and even the insulation.

Furthermore, the moisture that creeps into the interior of the house or office leads to mildew and mold formation. The most common detrimental effect of this phenomenon on health is respiratory problems and reduced immunity.

If left unattended, the ceilings can collapse which is a major life threat to the homeowners. Also, climbing up on your roof to scrape off the snow is not advisable. Doing so can damage the shingles and weaken your roof over time.

The trained and experienced staff of Attic Solutions can make this problem go away by targeting the heat transfer problem that creates ice dams in the first place. Blown – insulation prevents heat loss from the roof and thus minimizes the occurrence of ice dams. Sealing off the air leaks in the ceiling, attic and sidewalls also keep your home well insulated and also help in reducing your energy bills.

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2. Frozen or Burst Water Pipes

Unheated or poorly insulated areas in your homes such as the attic, garage, and crawl spaces can cause pipes to freeze and burst.

Attic Solutions Iowa, offer attic and crawl space insulation, that could insulate your crawl spaces correctly. Also, blown-in options are available.

Our soffit vent repair and insulation restoration services are also highly recommended.

ProCat® Professional Loose-fill Insulation System is designed to be used in both open attic and closed cavity applications. It helps fortify your roof insulation and a stronger roof.

We are the best and most affordable providers of pink insulation in Iowa.

Our scientific approach of combing adequate Insulation with proper ventilation protects your home from ice dams, sagging roof decks, and premature roof failures.

Its low dust and non-corrosive formulation make it an obvious choice for any homeowner.

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