How To Check For Roof Damage After A Wind Storm


How To Check For Roof Damage After A Wind Storm

Iowa city saw multiple wind storms in the year 2020, especially in the month of August , derecho blew all across Iowa, they are type of storms fueled by hot and moist environment with strong winds. So insulation for roof damage after a wind storm is important.

Wind speeds as high as 140mph were recorded causing rampant storm damage tp roof.

Inspecting roof damage is job of the experts and should be done timely in order to avoid future repercussions.


Homeowners of Iowa have often dealt with damaged roofs and collateral damage to the property, for eg, fallen branches, uprooted trees and torn down power lines.

The high wind and hailstorm also cause structural damage to the property like loosening or tearing away of roof shingles, broken roofs and even insulation batts getting soaking wet.

Roofs should be inspected by professional and trained staff even before the monsoons start. Roofs should be checked for prior damages like broken or missing tiles and loose asphalt.

Light shining through the cracks is sure shot method to assess exact location of roof damage.


The logic behind roofs being the most susceptible to storm damage is that high speed winds don’t hit roofs in an uniform fashion. The edges of the roof along with pre- damaged parts incur the maximum damage.

Loose shingles get ripped apart. Curved shingles are also noted sometimes. Damage to soffits is also common. Prolonged and unattended roof damage can cause leaks and rotten roofs.


Glass wool insulation work by using air pockets between the fibres of spun glass to trap heat. When the insulation gets very wet, it gets compressed by the water weight and it almost never recovers its original thickness.

This results in decreased efficiency of the insulation batts and the water logged inside the insulation batts causes mould growth which leaks out onto the plasterboard, causing ugly stains and permanent roof damage.

Ultimately, rust and corrosion sets in. Such roof damage from storm should be immediately rectified.

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Like shingles, soffit keep water away from the roof, reducing the chances of leaks. When damaged, soffit open your home to water damage and stray animals can creep in.

Attic Solutions Iowa repair damaged soffits and replace torn insulation at best prices.


Please do not attempt to get rid of contaminated insulation.

Exposure to glass fibres present in the insulation can cause skin irritation, blisters and even dermatitis.

Our highly trained team uses gloves and wear long-sleeves uniforms to prevent direct contact. The insulation batts are sealed in bags before disposal.

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    WIND SPEED                                               DAMAGE

  1. 45-57 mph                                               Torn branches and loosening 

                                                                             of shingles.

  1. 58-74 mph                                              Broken and uprooted trees, 

                                                                             ripped off shingles.

  1. 75-89 mph                                              Widespread roof damage in 

                                                                            commercial buildings. 

  1. 90 + mph                                                Severe roof damage to 


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