9 Easy Steps To A More Comfortable Home


Who doesn’t want to live in a beautiful and peaceful home..? We all do !!
How about making them more comfortable and energy efficient tool?

Follow these 9 easy steps to transform your home into a heaven.

1. Upgrade the home insulation by using spray foam insulation, which creates an effective air barrier and keeps your home cool in summers and warm in winters.
2. Use green fiber cellulose insulation to reduce the transfer of sound when properly installed in walls and floors. Made majorly from recycled material, it can be easily installed over existing insulation.
3. Remove contaminated insulation and mold from your attics.
4. Get anti-microbial treatment to make homes safer.
5. Vent repairs are the easiest way to keep your attics well ventilated.
6. Insulate your side walls to further reduce your electricity bills.
7. Seal and insulate the ductwork.
8. Keep your outdoor air conditioners under a shade.
9. Try to keep thermostat at a fixed temperature.

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