5 Ways to Increase Your Home Value


Increasing your home value is not as complicated or expensive as it sounds. On the contrary, it can be fun and uplift your spirits. Giving a new look to your home can make it look rustic or modern, minimalistic or over the top suiting your taste and budget. It also fulfills the most important goal of increasing the market value of your home.
Many factors come into play while determining the value of your home, like age, location, market fluctuations, look, and comfort.
You can surely use some of the above factors in your favor and demand the maximum possible value for your home.
Here’s a list of five simple and cheap ways to increase your home value-

1. Make it Beautiful:

” First impression is the last impression.” It might be a cliche but holds
true when it comes to the sale-ability of your home.
There are several cheap ways to make your home look beautiful as a fresh coat of paint on the walls and fence, mowing your lawn, planting some flowering plants like Dahlias or Carnations.
A pop of color goes a long way, so don’t shy away from slapping on bright yellow or blue paint on your front door.
Bright and fresh curtains peeping from your windows will serve as an eye-tonic.
A modern piece of an art installation in the front lawn will give a cutting edge to your home exterior.

2. Invest in the best outdoor trash cans:

This is surely an inexpensive home upgrade that adds value to your home.
With ever-increasing awareness about recycling and its importance in saving our ecosystem, a well-organized and clean garbage disposal system is a big plus to have on your side.
Look for garbage cans that can fit plenty of garbage bags, are well-balanced and stable, and have an attached lid that swings open.

3. Make it energy efficient:

Upgrade the home insulation by using spray foam insulation, which creates an effective air barrier and keeps your home cool in summers and warm in winters.
Another method of reducing your energy bills is using green fiber cellulose insulation to reduce the transfer of sound when properly installed in walls and floors. Made majorly from recycled material, it can be easily installed over existing insulation.
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4. Upgrade your kitchen

Thinking of what home improvements add the most value?
A clean and modern kitchen can potentially increase your home value by three to seven percent.
A new coat of paint in a pastel color palette will make your kitchen look more spacious and well-lit.
A well-kept secret to an inviting home is its good-smelling kitchen. So boil up some water with cinnamon sticks and orange slices next time you have a potential buyer.

5. Upscale your bathroom

A few selected changes to your bathroom can make it look fresher and brighter without making a hole in your pocket. A carefully chosen color scheme, fresh bath linen neatly stacked and squeaky clean mirror is all you need.
A mix of Soda- bicarb, vinegar, and some essential oil is the easiest DIY bathroom cleaner you can swear by.




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